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Since 2007, DS Energy Solutions has been creating custom turnkey solar energy solutions for our clients. We specialize in project development, financing, engineering, design-build and interconnection for photovoltaic projects of every size and scope. With megawatts of utility, commercial, government and residential installation experience, our goal is exceeding our clients' expectations in the quality of our craftsmanship, in our aggressive pricing, and in the financial benefits that our systems bring to them.

DS Energy Solutions is your pathway to a brighter future.


  • Local

    We are the longest standing solar installation company in the High Desert. Get high quality solar from people you can trust.
  • Stability

    We have eight years solar experience in residential, commercial & utility scale projects.
  • O&M

    We monitor and maintain your system to give you the very best results.
  • Value

    We help you choose the highest quality product for the most competitive price.
  • Relationship

    We are always here to help, even after your installation is complete.
  • Financing

    We offer many financing options to meet your project's needs.

Our Solutions

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    DS Energy Solutions is a full-service turnkey solar provider with an experienced Utility team, streamlined processes, and the tools and know-how to make your project successful. We can take on utility projects at any stage of development from concept to COD. Our partnerships with banks, utilities and investors ensure timely completion and end-buyers for our projects.

    We have fast-tracked project and portfolio vetting processes that include project analysis, financial modeling and feasibility studies to give you a speedy response about how we can help you with your project.

    We have ready access to many construction and permanent loan options, and our partnerships allow us to take on qualifying late-stage projects that have become stuck and are facing tight deadlines. We use only Tier 1 components on our designs and installs, which ensures bankability and excellent returns.


  • Turnkey Provider
    - Our experienced Utility team can take your utility project from concept to COD, providing excellent pricing without all the headaches
  • End Buyers
    - We are partnered with utilities and investor end-buyers to ensure a smooth transaction
  • Bankability
    - We use only Tier 1 components to give you the most attractive project for financing and the end sell
  • O&M
    - Our experienced O&M team will ensure that your production is consistently excellent and profitable
  • Development
    - We can step in at any stage in the development or construction process and take your project through to completion


  • Bakersfield 111
    1,782 kW DC

Bakersfield 111

  • Bakersfied, CA
  • Capacity: 1,782 kW DC
  • Type: Single-Axis Tracker Ground Mount
  • Annual kWh: 3,808,134
  • We worked with ET Solar and GX Investments to complete this 1.8 MW beauty and interconnect it to PG&E's utility grid. This project was conceptualized in early 2013 and was completed in October of 2014 under PG&E's ReMAT tariff. The project utilizes (5,940) ET Solar 300 watt modules and (2) SunGrow 750 kW centralized inverters.

We are interested in building, acquiring, financing, and selling your utility project.

Please contact us about your utility project today.
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residential SOLUTIONS


    Installing a solar system on your home will reduce and can even eliminate your electric bill, increase your property value (without increasing your property taxes), and we offer 100% financing solutions so that with no up-front investment you can begin saving money today.

    The government wants to pay you to go solar. The federal government offers a renewable energy tax credit for 30% of the system cost, and your local utility may offer a state rebate as well.

    Our dedicated residential team has helped hundreds of homeowners walk away from their energy bills and never look back.


  • Be Your Own Utility
    - Generate your own energy instead of buying it from someone else
  • Energy Independence
    - You own your solar energy system, not us
  • Federal Tax Credit
    - 30% of your system cost is a direct Federal Tax Credit
  • 100% Financing Available
    - No up-front investment necessary for qualifying homeowners
  • Increases Property Value
    - Without increasing property taxes

Financing Options

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  • 10 kW Residential Intallation
    10 kW
  • 8.06 kW Residential Installation
    8.06 kW
  • 13 kW Residential Installation
    13 kW
  • 7.93 kW Residential Installation
    7.93 kW
  • 4.14 kW Residential Installation
    4.14 kW
  • 10.3 kW Residential Installation
    10.3 kW
  • 4.75 Residential Installation
    4.75 kW DC
  • 8.7 Residential Installation
    8.7 AC
  • 3.9 kW Residential Installation
    3.9 AC

10 kW Residential Intallation

  • Spring Valley Lake (Victorville, CA)
  • Capacity: 10 kW
  • Type: Roof Mount

8.06 kW Residential Installation

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 8.06 kW
  • Type: Ground Mount

13 kW Residential Installation

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 13 kW
  • Type: Roof Mount

7.93 kW Residential Installation

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 7.93 kW
  • Type: Roof Mount

4.14 kW Residential Installation

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 4.14 kW
  • Type: Ground Mount

10.3 kW Residential Installation

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 10.3 kW
  • Type: Roof Mount

4.75 Residential Installation

  • San Marcos, CA
  • Capacity: 4.75 kW DC
  • Type: Rooftop
  • Annual kWh: 6,039
  • Being in Southern California (San Diego) The summer can sometimes be unbearable without central A/C. With all the sunshine we get, what better option than to go solar. Erica was very helpful and communicated diligently via email with me throughout the vetting process. I could of gone with a local company, but their prices were hands down the most competitive. The Service was exceptional, despite the fact they had to travel down to San Diego to do the initial walk through and install. They set up online monitoring, which shows me how much electricity I am generating daily. The install was worry free as they even went to Home Depot to select the correct paint to match the exterior to my house. When a few tiles were accidentally broken during the install, they brought down all the pieces and actually took it and had it matched and replaced. Now I enjoy A/C worry free during the summer...even spring when we get the occasional hot spells. I have 2 A/C system at the house and my bills have gone from $400+/mo. to a credit every month.... Thank you!!!!!!!
  • - Cullen Ka

8.7 Residential Installation

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 8.7 AC
  • Type: Rooftop

3.9 kW Residential Installation

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 3.9 AC
  • Type: Rooftop

Utility rates are set to rise by as much as 15% in 2015

Why pay your utility even more when you can own your own solar energy system today?
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commercial SOLUTIONS


    For your business, nothing is more important than controlling costs and investing your capital where you will get the best return. In order to be successful, modern businesses need to use a lot of electricity. Your energy budget gets fatter every year with quickly rising utility rates. Demand charges are off the charts in hot summer months or when testing new products.

    Solar is an effective hedge against these rising costs, and can knock out most of your energy bill while giving you a huge avoided cost advantage over your competitors.

    Solar is one of the best investments your company can make. Most commercial solar projects carry a 12% – 15% tax-efficient IRR and have a 3 – 5 year payback period with 25+ years of expected return. We offer many financing options, including 100% financing on qualifying projects, which means you are cumulative net positive from day one.

    The best part is that DS Energy Solutions will handle all of the details for you. Our experienced commercial team, streamlined processes and partnerships will handle your project from contract execution to system commissioning while you focus on what’s most important – making your business thrive.


  • Control Energy Costs
    - Cut your energy costs by as much as 75%
  • Energy Rate Hedge
    - Protect yourself against rising energy costs
  • 3-5 Year Payback
    - Most commercial systems will pay for themselves in 3-5 years
  • 30% Investment Tax Credit
    - 30% of your system cost is a direct Federal Tax Credit
  • 85% MACRS Depreciation
    - 85% of your system cost can be depreciated over 5 years
  • Local and State Incentives
    - Some states and local governments offer generous incentives for solar projects
  • 100% Financing Available
    - We have many financing options, up to 100% financing for qualifying projects


  • Jones & Jones Medical Associates
    24 kW
  • Bear Valley Electric Services
    76.57 DC
  • San Bernardino County | Redlands, CA
  • Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware
  • Glen Dental
    59.8 kW
  • Ascension Lutheran Church
    24 kW
  • Liu Medical Center
    82.46 kW
  • VIC Power – Victorville
    587 kWp

Jones & Jones Medical Associates

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 24 kW
  • Type: Carport Canopy

Bear Valley Electric Services

  • Big Bear, CA
  • Capacity: 76.57 DC
  • Type: Roof Installation

San Bernardino County | Redlands, CA

  • Redlands, CA
  • Capacity: 198kW
  • Type: Carport
  • Date Completed: 08/2015
  • Annual kWh: 308,564
  • Installed for VIC Power LLC

Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware

  • Lucerne Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 402.94
  • Type: Roof Mounted & Parking Canopy Solar System - Natural gas-fired generator
  • Annual kWh: 1,154,145
  • *Solar Installation In Progress*

    Cogeneration project will offset 90% of the Market’s current Southern California Edison electric bill.

    "Parking Canopies"
    The solar canopies will shade 60 parking stalls, improving the customer and staffer experience at the Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware, especially during the hot summer months.

    "Emergency Power"
    Generator will be able to operate without grid power. In the case of a short or long-term power outage in the community, the Market will still be able to run at about 53% of its usual electric capacity. This will allow the Market to carry on business almost-as-usual even in the case of an emergency power outage in the community. It will also allow for emergency services to be rendered at the Market facility as needed, allow for long-term safe food storage, and allow the Market to supply many other amenities to the community through the course of such an emergency.

Glen Dental

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 59.8 kW
  • Type: Roof Mount
  • Annual kWh: 94,972
  • Glenn Dental is a beautiful 60 kW installation in northern Apple Valley. The unique architectural design of the building made for some challenges on system design, but the result is that Dr. Glenn's electricity bill for his modernistic dental office has been reduced to almost nothing. This installation utilizes (260) Yingli 230 W modules and SMA SunnyBoy 5, 6, and 7 kW string inverters.

Ascension Lutheran Church

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 24 kW
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Annual kWh: 42,661

Liu Medical Center

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 82.46 kW
  • Type: Rooftop / Carport Canopy
  • Annual kWh: 125,000
  • Liu Medical Center is a great example of how roof-mounted and canopy-mounted solar can work seamlessly together in tight-space environments to create the best solar solution. This 82.46 kW system uses Canadian Solar 310 watt modules, Fronius 11.4 kW string inverters, and S:flex rooftop racking and parking canopy structure. The project has been so effective in generating electricity for Liu Medical Center that it dropped their estimated peak demand from an average of 85 kW to less than 20 kW, allowing Liu Medical Center to switch to Southern California Edison's TOU-GS-1-A rate schedule and pay no demand charges for energy used.

VIC Power – Victorville

  • Victorville, CA
  • Capacity: 587 kWp
  • Type: Carport canopies
  • Annual kWh: 1,064,021
  • VIC Power carports is located in the parking lot of the San Bernardino County Transitional Assistance Department building on Palmdale Road in Victorville, CA. We began negotiations on this project in the fall of 2013, went through a rigorous planning and county approval process, and completed the installation in September 2014. The project will offset 100% of the building's annual electrical usage. The project utilizes ET Solar 295 watt modules, ReneSola 245 watt modules, and SolarMax 15 kW inverters. This is the first project in the United States on which SolarMax string inverters have been used.

Utility rates are set to rise by as much as 15% in 2015

Federal Tax Credit expires in 2016
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government SOLUTIONS


    Governmental departments, agencies, municipalities and educational institutions have tight budgets and higher priorities than paying for overpriced utilities like electricity. We have successfully installed more than 2.2 megawatts of solar energy systems on government-owned buildings. We have saved school districts millions of dollars per year by going solar with us. Our multi-faceted experience with the DSA, our streamlined processes, the consistent high quality of our work and our aggressive pricing set us apart from other solar providers when an RFP is out for bidding.

    We know you have better things to do than to get wrapped up in a complicated construction project, so let our professionals handle the process while you focus on what you do best: making our community a better place.

    We are a turnkey provider, which means that when you sign up with us, we will handle the entire project for you and your energy headaches will be over. We will handle:

    • Incentive applications and utility paperwork
    • Permitting and DSA requirements
    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Reporting
    • Inspections
    • Monitoring
    • Operations and Maintenance

We can help you

  • Control Energy Costs
    - Cut your energy costs by as much as 75%
  • Energy Rate Hedge
    - Protect yourself against rising energy costs
  • Local and State Incentives
    - Some states and local governments offer generous incentives for solar projects
  • 100% Financing Available
    - We have many financing options, up to 100% financing for qualifying projects
  • Energy Efficiency
    - We are certified energy efficiency experts and can bring your buildings up to speed
  • DSA Know-How
    - We have megawatts of experience working with the DSA and meeting government regulations and requirements


  • Mesa Linda Middle School
  • Granite Hills High School
    765 kW
  • Harold George Visual and Performing Arts Magnet & Middle School
    90 kW
  • Apple Valley High School
  • Sitting Bull Middle School
    558 kW
  • Gus Franklin Jr. Elementary School
    96 kW

Mesa Linda Middle School

  • Victorville, CA
  • Capacity: 29.556
  • Type: Roof Top & Ground Mount Installation
  • Date Completed: 08/2013

Granite Hills High School

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 765 kW
  • Type: Carport Canopy
  • Annual kWh: 1,721,263

Harold George Visual and Performing Arts Magnet & Middle School

  • Adelanto, CA
  • Capacity: 90 kW
  • Type: Roof Mount
  • Annual kWh: 146,677

Apple Valley High School

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 1,025
  • Type: Carport Canopy and Ground Mounted
  • Annual kWh: 1,791,163

Sitting Bull Middle School

  • Apple Valley, CA
  • Capacity: 558 kW
  • Type: Ground Mounted
  • Annual kWh: 1,059,100

Gus Franklin Jr. Elementary School

  • Adelanto, CA
  • Capacity: 96 kW
  • Type: Roof Mounted
  • Annual kWh: 156,456

Utility rates are set to rise by as much as 15% in 2015

Why pay your utility even more when you can own your own solar system?
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DS Energy Solutions currently has 6 megawatts of solar projects covered under O&M agreements. Our O&M package offerings are comprehensive and our experience is extensive. Our backyard is the harsh mountain desert climate with extreme temperatures, weather phenomena that range from high winds to dust storms to snow cover to heavy rain and flash floods followed by the baking sun 24 hours later. We are not strangers to keeping our systems at optimal production under such harsh conditions. We can handle any environment.

With our Gold and Platinum packages, our experienced O&M team checks up through virtual monitoring on every system that we O&M every workday to make sure that the system is at optimal performance. If they find it at all deficient, we have a 24 – 48 hour response time to diagnose and repair any issues that may be causing lower than expected production. These packages also include annual or semi-annual maintenance field inspections, inverter testing and cleaning, module cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Our Platinum package also includes a production guarantee through which we will pay you for every kilowatt hour that your system produces short of our guaranteed production estimates.

  SilverIncluded with every contract GoldAdditional Cost PlatinumAdditional Cost
48 Hour Response Time Check mark Check mark Check mark
Basic Troubleshooting Check mark Check mark Check mark
Repair of Installation Deficiencies Check mark Check mark Check mark
Replacement of Defective Equipment Check mark Check mark Check mark
Daily System Monitoring   Check mark Check mark
Potential Problem Notifications   Check mark Check mark
Maintenance Field Inspection   One Annually Twice Annually
Module Cleaning   One Annually Twice Annually
Grounds Maintenance   One Annually Twice Annually
Tracker System Maintenance     Check mark
Monthly Reporting     Check mark
String-Level Monitoring     Check mark

We are serious about solar.

An O&M package from DS Energy Solutions is the best way to ensure that system performance and profitability.
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  • Corporate Office

    22355 Powhatan Road, Bldg A
    Apple Valley, CA 92308
    Office : (844)DS-ENERGY
    Fax : (866) 495-4763
  • Victorville Office

    18231 Stoddard Wells Rd.
    Victorville, CA 92394
    Office : 844.DS.ENERGY
    Main : 844.373.6374
  • Bakersfield Office

    2105 Edison Hwy.
    Suite P
    Bakersfield, CA 93305
    Main : 661.974.4140