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Founded in 2007, DS Energy Solutions has planted deep roots in the solar and energy landscape of the Southwest United States. Our innovative business model, dedicated staff of experienced solar and electrical professionals, consultants, partners and affiliates bring unprecedented opportunity to the solar industry for growth and project completion. DS Energy’s goal is to help stabilize our delicate ecosystem and volatile economy by providing energy efficiency and power generating solutions that offset carbon emissions and dollars for our clients. Our team has extensive experience in commercial and industrial energy efficiency consultation, project management, project construction and project financing, a formula that sets us apart from other renewable energy providers.

Although our industry experience is diverse, DS Energy has extensive experience designing and building commercial projects for business owners, corporations and governmental institutions. We have installed megawatts of photovoltaic electric systems across many counties and utility districts in California, Arizona and Nevada. Our experience includes roof- mounted, ground-mounted and carport-style canopy-mounted systems.

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